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Setting Up a Basketball Camp Business

Do you ever wonder what’s needed to start your own basketball camp business? Guess what? You’re in luck! The video below details 5 important steps that’s needed in becoming a legitimate business: Setup Legal Entity Determine and Register Domain Name Setup and Use Custom Email Address Obtain Business Checking Account Obtain Merchant Accounts (like PayPal, […]

Proven Business Model for Basketball Camps

Most personal trainers make the mistake of offering only one-on-one private training sessions. Yes, a personal trainer may potentially earn descent income, but it does not allow them to scale. It also opens personal trainers up to be too dependent on a handful of clients. I’ve seen relationships abruptly end leaving the personal trainer in […]

One and Done

The first start-up company I ever worked for failed! Initially, optimism was ever-present and over-flowing. We had a great team, and product. The goal was to hit a pre-determined milestone. Afterwards, go public, and then we’ll all become rich! Guess what? This never happened! Why? We had a “one-and-done” product. Plainly said, after we sold […]

Give Coaches What They Want

A couple months back, I created an online course that showed, and explained to coaches how to run successful basketball camps. I was gung-ho, as it contained my blueprint. Unfortunately, when the course was rolled out, it fell short of expectations. To be honest, I didn’t know why. From my vantage point, the course was […]