I Love Mistakes

Often times, at basketball camp, I’ll encourage a kid to make a BIG mistake! If they, metaphorically, run through the WRONG wall, no problem!

I know. You think I’m crazy. But please let me re-frame what I mean.

In life, a person should do their research, ask questions, and then move forward. If everything wasn’t perfect, and mistakes were made, that’s ok. Mistakes are part of the growth process.

Over the years, I’ve made tons of mistakes! I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars! Made bad decisions relative to my family! Lost basketball games because I implemented the wrong strategy! But at the same time, I’ve grown significantly, and have become wiser.

Had it not been for those mistakes, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today! So, thank you mistakes! You’ve helped me in ways you can’t imagine! You’re awesome!

Wait a minute! Deep down, do you really think I want to make mistakes?! Heck no! But at the same time, I don’t want to be paralyzed by the thought of making mistakes, and then don’t do anything.

This is the overriding philosophy at Youth Hoops Basketball Camps. We encourage campers to have a growth mindset! A mindset that’s not afraid of making mistakes.

Ultimately, by approaching basketball (or anything in life) this way, your kid’s chances of success will skyrocket. They will become leaders. And, they will be respected for their independence.