Masterclass – How to Earn a 6-figure Income Running Basketball Camps Without Owning a Gym or Having Any Prior Business Experience

Most basketball coaches coach because they’re passionate about the game, and passionate about the youth. It’s not for the money. Why? There is no “real” money in coaching basketball.

Generally speaking, at the middle school, high school and AAU levels, a coach’s pay is anywhere from $0 – $2,000 for an entire season. This doesn’t include any off-season activities. Unless you’re coaching at the college level, it’s hard earning a living coaching basketball.

In my opinion, this isn’t cool! And unfortunately, due to this, many of the best coaches are working in other occupations. What a shame!

My desire is to reach out, and show basketball coaches how to run basketball camps for a living and earn a 6-figure income without owning a gym or having any prior business experience. Because very few independent coaches have been able to accomplish such living, many may not see how this is possible. My greatest fear is not being able to reach these coaches, whose lives and families could be altered in a super-positive way!

Even though I’ve been wildly successful at running basketball camps, I didn’t know best how to present the content, and reach prospective basketball coaches. I had made a couple of attempts, but fell short!

Then one day, a colleague of mine suggested I conduct a survey with 1 question, and present it to 1,000 basketball coaches. The survey would ask the following: “What question would you like to see answered in a basketball camp masterclass?”

What a great idea! Ask basketball coaches what they want, and give it back to them in the format they asked for it in! I created, and passed this survey onto 1,000 coaches. When surveys returned, the answers fell into 6 general categories:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Minimizing Startup Costs
  3. Securing Gym at Lowest Rate
  4. Marketing Basketball Camps
  5. Pricing Basketball Camps
  6. Separating from Competitors

To roll out masterclass, my plan was to solicit a “beta” group of basketball coaches, and present the content. This would allow me to see if the content reached, and resonated with them. The feedback and responses were overwhelmingly positive!

When the masterclass was offered to the general public, there was no marketing muscle behind it. The content was extremely informative, but very few coaches heard or knew about it. Ultimately, this issue was addressed and resolved.

Now, due to the masterclass, basketball coaches from all over the world are consuming this information, and running basketball camps in their respective geographic locales. My mind is boggled by the creativity that coaches have, with regards to how they deliver their camps! I’m still learning, and that’s fantastic!

My heart is truly filled when I see basketball coaches earning part-time and full-time income by running basketball camps. This not only allows coaches to earn a living, but it also allows them to engage their passion!

Coach Berry

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