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Running basketball camps on an island, alone, can be a self-defeating proposition. If coaches are able to leverage off more experienced coaches, who run camps, their overall success rate would skyrocket.

Many coaches, who try to run basketball camps fall short simply because they don’t know what they don’t know. My desire is to fill this information and support vacuum.

Due to limited resources, coaches may never get what they truly need. But here’s the sad thing, even with resource access, coaches may not wholeheartedly plug-in and consume the content. This will lead to failure.

Over the years, I’ve provided onsite basketball camp training to 100’s of coaches. Because the training is live (and in person), it’s very hard to implement and be effective on a grand scale. Also, the training process was informal and not well documented. In essence, it was on-the-job training. As a result, the coach-in-training had no easy way of referring back to what they’ve learned. They had to “physically” get back to me for answers. This approach was highly ineffective, and was the bottleneck in our training process.

I asked myself, “What can we do to mass train basketball coaches, regardless of their geographic location?” Whatever vehicle used, it must be on-demand, contains relevant documents (processes, procedures, lesson plans, checklists, cheat sheets, etc.), live trainings, recorded trainings and communication mechanisms (for dialogue amongst coaches).

After exhaustively researching many options, the best solution was to implement a membership site. The membership site would be a living, breathing organism, which would always contain up-to-date content, and is scalable. This solution would fit the bill perfectly!

To kickoff membership site, I would ask our existing coaches to retroactively consume the content, and then provide feedback. Afterwards, the feedback would be incorporated, and then the membership site would be launched to the general public.

On paper, our plan looked great! But, there was a problem. As basketball coaches were consuming the content, they weren’t diligent through completion. They would start off strong, but end on a whimper. Turns out, although the content was excellent, the membership site didn’t contain an on-boarding process, didn’t have a road map, didn’t allow for interactivity and didn’t have any milestone indicators. This all contributed to the issues observed.

After realizing the shortcomings of the membership site, we quickly updated it to include all relevant features (addressing the issues). Now the site is tried and proven, and is our primary resource for teaching coaches how to run basketball camps.

Since inception, the membership site (Youth Hoops Academy) has been our online resource that has trained 100’s of basketball coaches. Many have gone on to run their own basketball camps in their respective communities!

Due to the message board feature of Youth Hoops Academy, many new friendships and relationships have been formed. I’m most proud of this because we’re bringing basketball coaches together from all walks of life!

Coach Berry

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